Shades that Keep the Hottest Celebs Cool

Ever wondered how Hollywood stars and other celebrities always manage to look great? People have done thorough research on this matter and have found out that there are certain tricks of the trade you pick up when you are famous. Firstly, everything you do, everything you wear, everything you eat, just everything gets noticed by the paparazzi.

On top of this, you have high expectations from your fans, a lot of whom will copy your sense of style. Getting dressed to inspire is a hard task, and it is evident that a perfect image and fashion statement is only completed by a pair of hot designer sunglasses. This is found to be true irrespective of the person you idolize. Find the celebrity you think has a great sense of style, you will find that they stick to a brand they like, and sometimes their shades go on to define their personality.

Sunglass Choices of Celebrities

Many stars have mentioned that people are unable to recognize them unless they are all dressed up in the attire you see them in when they are on television. Celebs generally have a habit of changing their look and wardrobes on a whim. However, they tend to keep the same pair of dark glasses on.

Noticed how Katy Perry keeps her Ray-Ban Wayfarers on irrespective of her hair color or the kind of clothes she wears in her videos? Same way, when Brad Pitt gets out in the open, you may catch him sporting a clean shaven and long haired look or with short hair and a French beard, but you will not miss the Ray Ban Aviators that he wears. Read on to find out which big brands are worn by the biggest people in the entertainment industry today. Remember that only a few brands are mentioned. There are still tons for you to look out for.

Celebs Sporting Ray Ban Designer Sunglasses

Here is a list of a few huge personalities who like to finish their look with a nice pair of Ray Ban dark glasses. Brad Pitt and Katy Perry have already been mentioned with the specific brands that they love to wear. It is probably unnecessary to mention that the price range of all the mentioned shades is in and around the 200 dollar price range.

Are you a fan of Emma Watson? Do not let the small girl in the early Harry Potter films confuse you. This diva wears quite a handsome pair of leopard printed Ray Ban Wayfarer shades. The unmistakable look of these shades comes from their designer frames that are not only leopard printed but also give you quite a rugged look for a prim and polished Hollywood star. These sunglasses are now among the things that are considered trendy.

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you will be glad to know that Emma Stone from the Amazing Spiderman also sports Wayfarers designed by Ray Ban. Perhaps you are more into music than into movies. Katy Perry and Rihanna, both wear Wayfarers when they are caught outside the studio. Diva Eva Longoria has been caught multiple times in a pair of Ray Ban Aviators to save keep her eyes safe from the flashing cameras around her.

Sienna Miller likes her more retro look complete with a Lennon-like pair of Ray Bans, the same design as the pair sported by Sir Bob Geldof. Nicky Hilton and Meaghan Rath have both been seen in colorful Aviators. Apparently Nicky likes blue while Meaghan likes a more flashy shade of green.

Stars who Love Dark Glasses by Gucci

Gucci sunglasses are seen on some of the world’s more fashionable people. You cannot deny the fact that their designer eyewear is a major part of how good they look. While these glasses are quite costly, you hardly ever catch top notch stars out of their Gucci’s. Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba are just a few celebrities seen in Gucci sunglasses. Whether they are sleek Aviators or shades with exceptionally large lenses, we all know that the brand makes the statement these icons want to make.

Oakley Sunglasses for a Sportier Look

Celebrities who enjoy a sportier look are seen in Oakley sunglasses. Nicky Hayden for one looks absolutely gorgeous in his Oakley Dispatch II dark glasses. The colorful lenses look great as they match his Ducati colors. While he may still be young, even Alice Cooper loses a few years when he is caught in his Oakley Fast Jackets. Boxing icon Muhammad Ali and action star Matt Damon are seen in some pretty classy Oakley designs as well. Do not make the mistake of thinking this brand is only for men. Nicole Richie also walked into the LA DMV with her Oakley Frogskins on.