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Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.05.42 PMEye protection is extremely important when it comes to sports such as biking or cycling. If you thought wearing sunglasses was only about being cool, you are mistaken. Cycling sunglasses cover your eyes and protect you from insects, dust and UV radiation. Also, if you are out biking or cycling in the rain, prescription eyewear meant for cycling will come in handy. Have you ever spotted a biker wearing metallic framed sunglasses? No, never! That’s because a lot of care and attention goes into choosing the right frame and style when it comes to biking eyewear.

Frames & style

Metal frames are a big no-no as they could come off when a biker has a fall and could hurt the eye as well. Also, the design of these metal frames is such that they don’t sit well on the face. Plastic ones are aimed at wrapping a major part of your eye area and there are many advantages to this. As a biker, you get a nice wide view of the fields, the terrain, and there is no bouncing or shifting while cycling.

It is also important to choose frames that are not heavy. Light-weight frames lend more comfort and you can wear them for a longer period of time. If there are chances of fog or mist formation, you should look for frames that offer some ventilation to remove the condensation. You should have non-slip pads for the nose and grips for the temples that are made of rubber so they stay in place during your activity.

Make sure your sunglasses offer enough protection from UV radiations. Since biking entails long hours in the sun, a poor choice of lenses can have a negative impact on your eyes. The dangers include cataract, sunburn, and in some cases, even cancer, so it is best not to take UV protection lightly.

Lens color

Lens color also matters a lot while cycling. The best colors to choose are yellow and orange because they are ideal for conditions when light is receding. However, if you are looking at lenses that can block light while keeping perception of color unaltered, you could opt for gray, smoky or green-gray tints. At night, you could opt for a clear lens. Brown is generally good for all conditions.

Mirrored lenses are good for sunny days and make riding a pleasurable experience. Also, these lenses protect your eyes well. You could use photochromic lenses that adjust according to changing light.




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