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Important Questions to Ask Your Eye DoctorPeople suffering from macular degeneration must take extra precautions to protect their eyes from the sun. Generally, eye doctors will only tell you that you need a pair of sunglasses while you are outdoors. This may not be sufficient to keep you safe from the inconveniences the condition can really cause. Doctors should prescribe specific sunglasses meant to take best care of the eyes of such patients.

Generally speaking, prescription filters are among the most important aids for macular degeneration patients. Light’s blue wavelengths and its ultraviolet radiation can cause additional vision impairment. It is vital for patients suffering from the same work to keep these components of light out of their eyes as best as possible. The visual difficulties that you will face could have harmful side-effects, like accidents, both major and minor.

Ask for a specific prescription after proper testing

Ask your doctor to prescribe specific lenses for you, after a series of tests determining optimum color choices, darkness of lenses, frame type, and lens material for your condition. Each small factor that the doctor forgets to mention can cause you unnecessary nuisance. You would rather avoid all this by actively asking your eye doctor to give you the prescription eyewear that you really need.

Since you have a condition that causes blurred vision, with a chance of blindness, it is vital that you keep the possibility of the latter at bay. You must work with what you have; which is why it is so important to purchase filters, making it easier on your eyes. You will also see enhanced performance in daily activities because of an added comfort to the eyes. Straining them unnecessarily should be completely avoided.

Why are sunglasses so useful for macular degeneration patients?

Macular degeneration implies that your eyes have been affected by a condition where the cells of the macula have a chance of breaking away or dying, resulting in complete loss of vision in its final stage. Sunglasses are your only way to keep harmful ultraviolet radiation and blue wavelengths of light out of the cells of your eyes. Be sure to get the exact types of lenses and frames that your doctor prescribes to you after the tests. Your sunglasses are your main tool against the eye condition. In addition to getting prescription sunglasses of the right tint and right quality, be sure to perform all other activities your doctor has advised you on.


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