If you need to know some tips on fashion, you have come to the right place. Presentation plays a large role in how you are treated in a social environment, because your looks allow a person to form a judgment. If you are neat, for example, people around you will automatically put two and two together and imagine you to be tidy in every sphere of your life, whether it is true or not. Getting the looks right is the biggest part. After that you just have to be yourself.

In fact, the way you carry yourself goes a long way to show how you are as a person. Most people choose sunglasses that they think look the best. This may not always work out. If you choose a pair of sunglasses without giving a thought to anything but the frames and the design, it may not look as good as you think. Choose shades that suit you. Start with your hair. Pick a pair of dark glasses to suit the style in which you wear your hair. We are here to help you out.

Designer Shades for Long Hair

If you have long hair, then you have two options regarding sunglasses depending on whether your hair is straight or curly. A pair of Ray Ban aviators is a safe choice for most hairstyles, but in the case of long hair, Wayfarers do a wonderful job. Pick shades that have frames that are of a contrasting color as comapred to your hair. If you have blonde hair, go for black rims. Try out large sunglass designs by Fendi and Dior as well. Large glasses generally go well with long hair. For guys, and girls with curls, it is better that you stick to the Ray Bans.

Pair Your Designer Shades with Your Hairstyle


Stylish Designs for Short Hair

If you are a guy, then short hair definitely deserves a nice pair of Oakleys. These sunglasses make you look extremely sporty. However, if you wish to go for sporty as well as posh, try Beckham’s Police shades. Girls, you either have to go extremely bold, or extremely understated. Once again Ray Bans and Oakleys do lovely jobs, but you can even try out Silhouette or Vogue shades. These make quite a statement, so be careful to carry them off sensibly. If you feel that an extravagant personality type does not really suit you, stick to basics, they always work.