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Protective Eyewear for Children

Protective eyewear is crucial for children who engage in contact sports like rugby or football. Ordinary contact lenses and spectacles do not provide adequate protection from projectiles or impact and can prove to be highly dangerous if the contact lens or glass shatters. Modern research has contributed to the innovation of technology that has in turn helped in designing eyewear  Read More →

The Importance of Using Protective Sports Eyewear

Your  eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. And they become more sensitive in the sports world. So, if you are a sportsperson, you definitely don’t want to lie on that hospital bed for the eye injury caused. Cricket, badminton, tennis or any other game that uses ball, bat or flying objects call for as  Read More →

Basketball Players’ Eyewear

Eyewear for Basketball Players If you play basketball, you know that you cannot just walk onto the court with a regular pair of spectacles and expect to walk out of the game unscathed. Unfortunately, the game can become quite heated, and the way you play may be affected greatly if you do not have your glasses or contacts on. This  Read More →

Tips to Prevent Eye Injury

Eye injuries can potentially damage your vision and even cause blindness. There’s no saying where an eye injury can happen. They can happen when you are working, when you are in the kitchen and even when you are playing. But thankfully, a few simple precautions can prevent eye injuries. Some of them are mentioned below. When engaging in risky activities,  Read More →


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