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Eye Safety for Bicyclists

Your eyes are a sensitive and vital part of your body and need special care. With just one set that need to last a lifetime, it is important to protect your eyes from any sort of injury. Safety glasses and a little care can go a long way in keeping your eyes in good condition. Ignoring these risks can cause irreparable damage.

Eye injury at the workplace

As many as 2000 eye injuries are reported at the workplace in the United States every day, as per data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to Prevent Blindness America, a million Americans have experienced partial or complete vision loss due to an eye injury.

Some work environments are particularly risk-prone. It is prudent to watch your step and use safety glasses if your place of work has chemicals like solvents/gas/acids or oil; air or wind blown particulate matter like sand, dust or wood; potentially harmful radiation from welding or UV light; if tools like wrenches/screwdrivers are used which may damage the eye if they slip; or if there is a possibility for flying shards of glass, metal, plastic or wood.

Eye protection at home

At home too, when working with household cleaners, chemicals or battery acid, eyes must be adequately protected. Other leading causes of eye injuries at home include damage from mascara brushes, eyelash curlers and other cosmetic brushes and tools, fingernails, particulates in the air, toys and even garden tools.

Recreational activities may also result in blunt trauma to the eye and this could be due to a blow from a sports bat, racquet or ball, a wayward firework or paintball, to name a few.

A few simple precautions for eye safety can keep you safe from injury.

  • Focus on one thing at a time. Finish the task at hand and then move on. This reduces the risk of harming your eye in haste or when distracted.
  • Use the right protective eye wear. When working at home or in the office, be sure to wear a set of protective goggles or safety glasses. When playing sports, use sports eye  wear to keep your eyes safe. It is best to get a personal pair that fits comfortably, allows good peripheral vision and provides appropriate coverage. Ensure they are in good condition at all times.
  • When working in an environment with chemicals, be sure to know where the nearest sink is so that you can flush out your eyes in case they come in contact with a chemical.

In case of any kind of injury to the eye, immediately get in touch with your ophthalmologist or optometrist. A simple water or saline rinse may sometimes be recommended by the doctor before you come in to meet them. In some cases, a trip to the emergency room may be warranted.





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