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2015 Sunglasses Trends

2015 Sunglasses Trends

Over the years, many sunglasses design have come and gone. Now they are making a comeback yet again, and have been a regular at most fashion weeks. Fashion is cyclical, so you might find that trends that went out of fashion a few decades ago are slowly becoming fashionable again, maybe with some differences in detailing.

You can always keep classic and quirky sunglasses you have invested in safe and wait for them to be back in fashion. But if you are looking to buy sunglasses, read up about the latest trends before shopping for one. 

4 trends in sunglasses that are making a comeback 

Trends can sometimes be confusing and you may be having a hard time choosing what kind of sunglasses to buy. Vintage is coming back in a big way, with frames and styles from the 60s, 70s and some even older are slowly coming back into fashion. You can also get lightweight prescription lenses made for your designer sunglasses so that you can flaunt them at all times.  

Check out this list of some of the latest trends in sunglasses:

  • Cateye frames are making a big comeback, with almost every single designer showcasing some in their new collections. You can look for unusual frames in cateye shapes, and experiment with the textures, cuts and styling. You can check out Dita’s and Alexander McQueen’s collections for some interesting cateye frames. 
  • Rounded frames are coming back too. If you can imagine Gandhi or John Lennon, the classic round glasses are back in vogue. Bubbly and curvy shapes reminiscent of the 60s and 70s are slowly but surely reappearing. 
  • Studded and textured frames are also trending right now. Women’s sunglasses with studded detailing adds a touch of glamor to your wardrobe instantly. You can check out designs from A-Morir and Bebe for studded frames. Textures, from marble to stone and wood are creating quite a sensation. Collections by Prada and Christian Roth have these styles. 
  • Green sunglasses or eco glasses are the newest trend to hit the sunglasses fashion market. Zeal Optics and Modo Eyewear have come up with frames and lenses that are eco-friendly. Modo has recycled frames, and the company plants one tree for every frame that they sell. Zeal has developed lenses that are made with plant-based materials, replacing the crude-oil ones that are commonplace now. 

Now you can start looking out for interesting frames in sunglasses that go with your style and personality but are also hot and trending this season.








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