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In search of the hottest eyewear trends this season? You have come to the right place. Next Optical offers all the information you need to ensure that your eyewear is in lines with the latest trends.

As far as women’s eyewear is concerned, professional glasses that give a bookish or grounded look are all the rage. These are ideal for educators, students as well as professionals. Such glasses exude a strong sense of professionalism.

Thick frames are a key characteristic of this style. Monochromic, dark colored frames are most popular, but colorful, patterned options are also available. Although the serious and professional look is in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. For an individualistic style statement, you can opt for thick framed eyewear in bold patterns and fresh colors.

Coming to the men’s eyewear, the 50s look has made a comeback. Large framed glasses in dark colors like black and brown are a hot trend. If you can carry the geeky look, such glasses are a great option.

If you prefer something less intense, you can opt for glasses with thinner frames from the 60s. These trendy glasses feature a thin frame only around the upper half of the lens. If you wish to turn on the retro charm without being excessively overt, the 60’s style is a great option. In this case, the frames are characterized by a golden hue. You can choose from colors like bronze, caramel, topaz and golden brown. The look suits almost everyone.

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Happy Clients

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