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Trends in Sunglasses

Unlike clothes, trends in sunglasses continue to be in fashion for years, rather than months. Many of the trends that started last year are expected to be in vogue this year as well. If you are in search of trendy shades, here are the top 3 styles to look out for.

Polarized sunglasses

These glare resistant shades are made using unique polarization technology. These sunglasses cut down glare from all kinds of surfaces like water, metallic objects and road. These are not only stylish, but also functional. They are particularly useful for those interested in outdoor activities like fishing, bike riding or sailing. Polarized sunglasses add to your fun in the sun.

Vintage sunglasses

Vintage shades, just like vintage jewellery, never go out of fashion. Retro styles are all the rage this year in eyewear. If you want to turn on the retro charm, vintage inspired shades are a great option. You need not go searching to vintage stores to get retro sunglasses. Vintage inspired shades are offered by all the leading brands. All you need to do is choose from the large number of options available.

Oversized sunglasses

This was one of the hottest trends last year and it continues to rule this year as well. Surpassing the cat-eye shades of the 60s, the oversized sunglasses came into fashion for the first time during the 70s and have been popular ever since then. They are preferred by celebrities to hide from paparazzi. If you are aiming for the ‘star’ look, oversized sunglasses are a must have.


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Happy Clients

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