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This year’s trend for summer is colorful sunglasses. Trends  change every year because new materials and frame designs are always entering the market.

These days, the choice of frames is truly endless. Frames are now made from all kinds of materials. Besides plastic, you can choose from fiber, wood and even metal, all available in different colors.

The shape of your face has a huge impact on what shape of sunglasses you should choose. The color of your frames should also be decided based on your skin color as well as the color of your hair.

Along with the color of the frames, you should also to pay attention to the color of the lenses, so that your sunglasses aren’t mismatched. If you are thinking of buying yourself a new pair of sunglasses this year, read on for some tips to help you pick the ones that best suit you.  

Colorful sunglasses to suit your skin tone and hair color

Ideally, people with cool or very white skin should opt for glasses with blue-toned lenses, while people with a slightly warmer skin tone should choose lenses with yellow hues.

People with blond hair can tryout various colors of frames, black, blue, green, pink, tortoise shell or brown, among them. However, yellow or gold frames are not good options for them. Light tortoise shell shades go well with black hair, which can be combined with bourbon or creamy colored frames.

Both men and women with red hair should try sunglasses with rich tortoise shell frames of green and neutral tones. To retain the vibrancy of red hair, avoid wearing sunglasses with tones of ash or yellow.

Glass colors and frame designs for women

Heart-shaped rimless glasses are the in-thing this summer. They are available in various tints of gold, brown, blue, lavender, rose, pink and orange. These lenses are made of UV protected polycarbonate and are available on acetate frames with metal hinges and metal bridges that sit neatly on the nose.

Round horn-rimmed frames with pointed temples give colorful sunglasses an elegant silhouette that are vintage-style but on-trend. The frame and arms are made of acetate fiber that is supported with metal wire lining and a wire nose bridge. The glasses are dark tinted with UV protected lenses and available in different colors.

Retro sunglasses with colorful lenses in both rimless and half-frame designs are all the rage this season among men and women alike. While tinted lenses are more popular, regular gray polarized ones with square and rectangular black frames are in demand too.



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