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Protective EyewearThe sunglasses industry has become so specialized today that there are specific designs built for specific functions. While some may think this unnecessary, it does come in handy in many places. For example, a boater cruising at high speeds in humid conditions will have set requirements that people who are skiing in the mountains.

Boaters not only require general protection from ultraviolet radiation and glare, but also shades that have water-proof lenses, and frames that stay on even through difficult condition. Here are a few brands that are absolutely fabulous for these conditions.

Costa Del Mar – Jose

These brilliant shades are available with glass and with plastic lenses. While the plastic ones are slightly lighter, they are also somewhat less sturdy in comparison to the glass-lensed pair. The Costa Del Mar shades are absolutely fabulous, as they fit snugly enough and provide you with an excellent view.

They are superior quality sunglasses that suit boaters. On the down-side though, they cost quite a bit. On the up-side, they are known to be one of the best sunglasses brands out there specific to the needs of those who sail or go to sea often. The high-end polarized designer shades are exactly what a person needs when they are fishing, sailing, indulging in water sports, and taking part in just about any activity under the sun.

Oakley – Wind Jacket

Wind Jackets by Oakley are undoubtedly amongst the best shades available for this category. The sunglasses are convertible into goggles through a simple snap-in mechanism. Cruisers moving at exhilarating speeds no longer have to worry about their shades flying off. The mini-goggles feature is not the only one that make the dark glasses desirable.

They have a sleek design, polarized lenses that are hydrophobic, a safety fastening feature, and numerous other features that make them quite sought after. The Wind Jackets have been known to be one of the most menacing designs available for the purpose of water-sports and other water-related activities.

WileyX – Slay

This pair of shades is attractive more because of its neat look and low cost more than any other features. However, the pair does not fail even in terms of quality. It comes with polarized lenses and a wrap-around design to avoid any sunlight from getting in. The glasses have basic requirements like 100% UV block and polarized lenses, as well as good-looking features.


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