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Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 1.18.23 PMSo you suffer from terrible migraines which refuse to go away easily? Choosing the right pair of sunglasses may go a long way in alleviating your pain. The best solution is to wear sunglasses with tinted lenses as they give relief from migraine. Studies in the form of MRI scanning have proven the same.

Those who suffer from migraines are extremely sensitive to stimuli that are visual, like striped patterns or bright light. A pair of sunglasses is a god-send in such a scenario but tinted sunglasses are even better as they block light wavelengths to ensure activity in the brain is brought back to levels of normalcy. An ophthalmologist willbe able to explain what tints work best to check your migraine triggers.

  • There are many who feel rose-tinted eyewear works best, but it is best to check various tints depending on your specific needs.
  • FL-41 is a rose-colored filter that has been found useful for patients with migraines and other light-sensitive problems.
  • One study found that a tint that was optimal and did not focus on color alone was better to check migraines.
  • Amber lenses are ideal when it comes to blocking bluish light, but some people find it better to wear beige tints.


Most experts suggest sunglasses with lenses that are precision tinted to check migraine. The procedure involves deciding which tint is the best one for you with the help of a machine. The device is called an intuitive colorimeter. Precision tinted eyewear is ideal if you have attacks that are triggered by computer screens or fluorescent lighting.

Comfort matters

While deciding the best glasses for you, you should ensure that they let you see with clarity and make you comfortable, apart from having the perfect tint. You can either opt for ready-to-wear FL-41 lenses or get lenses that are custom-made as per your needs. If your problem is particularly severe, you should opt for precision tints rather than ready-to-wear rose tinted lenses. However, you should understand that the right sunglasses may not be the only solution for all those who suffer from migraines. There are many forms of migraine headaches and not all of them are caused only because of light sensitivity or visual stimuli.

Also never compromise on price because cheap sunglasses may aggravate your problem rather than providing you relief. Go for brands that are genuine; there could be a FL-41 tag even on fake ones so always seek the advice of experts.


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