Eyeglass Tints and Their PropertiesThe range of sunglasses mentioned in this list is great for sports, excellent for everyday use (while driving, for example), and it is uniquely designed even for military purposes.

Ray-Ban RB 3364

Ray-Ban is among the most favorite brand of sunglasses available in the market. The RB 3364 design is especially great for regular use and driving. They are sleek, durable, and relatively light; and yes, they do come in black. You can choose among several lens sizes for one that suits you best. The gunmetal frame and the deep green polarized lenses give the finesse of a fighter plane.

Julbo Racespeed

These designer sunglasses were made with people who love extreme sports in mind. If you see yourself in death-defying stunts, and like your shades a little on the dark side, you should definitely look out for a pair of Racespeeds by Julbo.

Wiley X – SG 1

The SG 1’s are designed keeping our fighters in mind. The sunglasses come with a complete padding around the rim-area, making sure the wearer is not injured during difficult training exercises. Also, the shades are absolutely solid. The lenses are bullet-proof, and keep shrapnel at bay too. Since this is proven under laboratory circumstances, it is best not to try it at home.

Bollé Vigilante Sport

The Vigilante range by Bollé is undeniably one of the best ranges in sunglasses designed purely for sports use. The glasses have replaceable lenses of different color gradients, making it easy for you to choose what you are comfortable with. Also, they have an inner section where prescription lenses can easily fit in. The shades are effective both during the day, as well as at night, to keep out the glare of the flood lamps.

Serengeti aviators

This brand is not seen enough. The aviator style will always be one popular among guys. This particular brand though, is designed for guys who drive cars fast cars, as well as those who fly planes! The gradient lenses makes driving easier as it keeps the sunlight out as much as possible.

The designer sunglasses mentioned in the list are absolute must-haves. Seek out the pair that suits you best. Identify which of these adheres to your everyday needs. Perhaps you will need to buy a couple just to have the best in each scenario. All of them are of excellent quality. Surprisingly, they are decently priced too!