Sunglasses have come a long way from the era when they were designed with the purpose of reducing the exposure of the eyes to the sun, rather than reducing the intensity at which sunlight falls upon the eyes. Today, sunglasses have multiple purposes depending on how they are designed. Here are a few types of sunglasses, and the major roles they play.

Prescription sunglasses

While prescription sunglasses also have multiple variants, the major distinguishing factor between them and other sunglass types is that they have a power. Prescription sunglasses perform the functions of regular prescription eyeglasses, yet have tinted lenses that protect the eyes from the harmful UV radiation and glare of the sun. Each pair of these shades is unique to the prescription of the wearer.

Protective sunglasses

Also called goggles, or shields, these sunglasses protect the eyes from physical objects that could fly in while the wearer is engaging in certain activities like shooting, cycling, or skiing. Usually worn by sports professionals, these sunglasses not only keep out the radiation of the sun, they also keep out small objects like dust or shrapnel that could seriously injure the eyes, and even lead to blindness. While engaging in activities such as contact sports, a minor distraction like dust flying into the eyes can have other devastating effects, and lead to unnecessary accidents. Protective sunglasses ensure that such events do not take place.

Shades for style

There are of course a number of sunglasses that adhere to fashion needs. In fact, quite a large population of sunglass users wear shades for the sole purpose of appearance. Even if you happen to use shades as a fashion or design accessory, ensure that you purchase a pair that has the quality required for you to be protected from sunlight. Long exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to the development of many serious health issues like cataracts, different forms of eye cancer, and dry eyes, to name a few.

Sunglasses for specific functions

Certain designs are made especially for particular functions. While most of these are for sports, they still play an important role in helping people perform in their particular field. Some gradient sunglasses come in colors like brown or green, which are especially useful when you need to spot far away targets. This is an example of a sunglass type that is made for a very specific reason.

Different Sunglasses and their Uses