Glasses Frames
Outside the Box Glasses Frames

Traditional glasses are utilitarian creations that cover very basic needs to correct and better vision, or protect eyes from glare, dust and other harmful elements. Eye glasses are functional items that help provide clarity of vision and make perfect aids while reading, or better focus on objects near or far.

 Interestingly enough, incredible inventions in recent times have brought new and unconventional glasses to the forefront. Some spectacular while others a bit quizzical, nonetheless, these out of the frame creations bring a bit of whimsy and wonder to the world of glasses. Here are some of the most outrageous and exceptional unconventional glasses created.

 Chopstick frames

An ideal pair for the sushi fan, Stix glasses envisioned by Chicago born designer Brad Gressel incorporate chopsticks as part of the glass frames. Easily detachable and fun to use stainless steel chopsticks sit behind the arms of the frames. Use, wash and replace, Stix glasses are exceptional to say the least.

 Piercing look

Not all together unfashionable, and highly unique additions to any face are Pierced glasses conceptualized by designers Oliver Gibson and James Sooy. For those who love to have their glasses fixed and fitted to the T, pierced glasses are attached via a piercing through the nose that holds a pair of hinged glasses. An exciting pair for the eclectic vision impaired individual, or perhaps worn as a statement, pierced glasses is an extreme approach without a doubt.

Reed screens

Reinventing ancient practice is reed glass creator Sang Jang Lee. In an attempt to bring natural method to shade the sun on a bright day, reed screen glasses make for signature eye wear and fun alternatives to regular sun glasses. However, these shades have yet to be tested to ascertain type of UV rays blocked and level of protection delivered.

Wink happy

In hopes of designing a remedy for dry eye, inventive Japanese eye glass manufacturers Masunaga have developed a stellar pair of intelligent eye glasses. Dry eye is commonly caused from staring at bright computer screens for prolonged periods without sufficient blinking.

Wink glasses are remarkable creations that carry a clip on device that keeps a record of blink frequency and automatically fogs up the glass screen when blink levels fall below a certain level. The misty lens prompts users to blink more frequently, thus leveling blink rate allowing the mist to clear off the lens. This brilliant design is a simple and seemingly effective cure for dry eye, though should be used with caution when driving.

Beer goggles

A rather literal take on the drinking euphemism, Urban Spectacles eye glass manufacturers have taken eye glasses to a level of marvelous with beer glasses, eye frames actually made from beer bottles themselves.

The exceptional designers specialize in creating glasses from highly unlikely material like bicycle parts, vinyl LP’s, and natural wood, to name a few. The user has the option to customize and create a pair of unique glasses designed specifically for them and according to their tastes. Urban Spectacles are for truly individual beings that prefer the unusual to regular.

Translate at ease

NEC Tele Scouter has designed a fantastic pair of glasses that are an innovative combination of eye wear and new age technology. With a view to render dictionaries obsolete, the glasses presented can translate a number of languages all displayed on the screen of the eyeglass in real time.

Equipped with a remote internet server in addition to the glass frames, these handy and portable translators come at a fetching price, with around $8 million to fit about 30 employees.

Jetlag be gone

 A common problem faced by people who travel often crossing various time zones in short amounts of time; jetlag is a known issue with frequent fliers. In an attempt the curb the harsh side effects and immense physical and mental fatigue and strain that builds on account of flying across numerous time zones, Australian scientists have invented certain eye glasses that help alleviate symptoms of jetlag.

The glasses are designed to ease fatigue and tiredness through diodes fixed in the lenses that emit light which stimulates the brain and helps set the body’s internal rhythm or clock.