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What are Multifocal Eyeglass Lenses?

People with more than a single vision problem often need multifocal eyeglasses. There are basically two types of multifocal lens, namely bifocal and trifocal, which contain two or three prescription lenses for vision correction. Previously, multifocal lenses were separated by a thin line separating the different lenses but with technology, the visibility of this separation has completely been eliminated. These new lenses are also known as progressive lenses, which look seamlessly attractive.

Bifocal lenses: Bifocals are perhaps the most common type of multifocal lenses. Each eyeglass is split into two with the lower one for near vision and the upper one for distance vision. People usually feel the necessity for such eyeglasses in their 40s when the natural lens of the eye becomes weak (presbyopia).

Trifocal lenses: Apart from distance and near vision, some people have problems with intermediate distance vision, usually with visualizing objects at an arm’s length. This necessitates the addition of a third segment of prescription lens above the bifocal portion. This lens makes tasks like looking at the computer easier for people with intermediate vision problems.

In some people, the age of 40 brings with it a lot of vision problems, some of which are not apparent readily. It is necessary to have your vision checked at regular intervals through an optometrist Toronto to maintain eye health. If you see a continuous deterioration in vision, it could be an indication that you have a more serious underlying vision problem. In such a case, you must immediately visit your ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment.


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