Unisex Sunglasses
Unisex Sunglasses

While clear vision is essential, feeling good about the way you look is also important. You can make a statement with fashionable eyeglasses that are part of your overall look. The lines between men’s and women’s fashion are often blurred so it’s no mystery that unisex eyeglasses are becoming popular, as well.

Many of the most fashionable frames are now available as unisex; perfect for the fashion-forward person of either gender. There are several things you should keep in mind when choosing unisex glasses.

The Right Size Frames

Wearing eyeglass frames that are the wrong size can make your face look smaller than it is hide your attractive features or even cause you pain. Such frames are also more susceptible to stretching, stress and possible breakage.

Your eyeglass professional will help you to choose the right frame size for your face and features. Small, thinner features would probably be overwhelmed by large, chunky frames. People with a wider face and more robust facial features are more suited to larger frames.

Consider the fit, not only from temple to temple, but on the bridge of the nose and behind the ears. Proper fit doesn’t only affect the way the glasses look and feel, but will have an effect on how you see, as well.

The Shape of the Frame

The shape of the frame is just as important as the size of the frame. Those with round faces should avoid round-shaped frames and lenses that can make the face appear thinner. However, a round eyeglass frame will considerably soften the appearance of an angular jaw line and a strong face.

Unisex frames come in all the usual shapes, including ovals, elongated rectangles and rimless. The retro John Lennon frame is a very popular unisex frame style that is usually flattering no matter what your face shape is.

Color and Material

Once you find the right size and shape for your unisex glasses, it’s time to choose the color and the material they will be made of. The understated elegance of metal is the choice of many, while others prefer a bolder look.

Your choice of color should reflect something of your personality, but you should also consider the image you want to portray to others. You may want to stay with a more conservative color for office wear. Color choices may also be limited by the type of material you want for your glasses. Metal allows for only a few color choices, while plastics offer an almost unlimited choice of color.