Use Eye Makeup Safely

Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner are good ways to enhance the beauty of your eyes, but they can also be potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. As long as you use them properly, eye cosmetics are generally safe but, over time, all kinds of bacteria and fungi can grow in those packages and continued use will transfer those germs directly to your eyes.

If applying eye cosmetics is part of your daily routine, the following tips will show you how to use eye makeup safely to keep your eyes healthy.

Safety Tips

The following safety tips will help you to keep your eyes healthy while using cosmetics:

  • Toss old makeup
  • Don’t try to moisten dried out mascara with saliva or water. Mascara should be replaced every two to four months
  • Store eye makeup in a cool place, 85 degrees F or below, not in your car or in a steamy bathroom
  • Only use cosmetic products intended for your eyes – using the same pencil for both lips and eyes can introduce bacteria
  • Kohl eyeliners may contain dangerous levels of lead
  • Avoid permanent colouring and dyes for eyelashes, as they can cause irreversible harm to your eyes if not used properly
  • Never share your cosmetics with a friend as you will each contaminate the other’s cosmetics with bacteria

Safe Application of Cosmetics

Anything that comes that close to your eyes has a potential to cause harm. When applying eye makeup, it’s important not to get them in your eye. Try these safety suggestions:

  • This should be obvious but, never try to put on eye makeup while you’re driving or riding in a car. A mascara wand can scratch your cornea very easily. The same applies to riding in buses or subways.
  • If you get an irritated or infected eye, skip eye cosmetics. If you think a particular cosmetic is irritating your eyes, stop using it immediately.
  • Don’t use eyeliner on the inner eyelids where it can get into your eyes.
  • Always wash your hands before you start applying eye makeup.
  • Eye cosmetics that are iridescent, glittery or shiny should be avoided as they can contain ingredients that could scratch or irritate your eyes.
  • All eye makeup applicators should be clean before you use them. Wash or replace brushes and sponges frequently.

Removing Eye Makeup

It’s very important to remove eye makeup every night before bed to ensure that they don’t work their way into your eyes causing buildup and damage. Removing eye makeup at night is even more important than when you apply it in the morning. If you wear contact lenses, eye makeup can cause a lot of problems for your eyes. Your eyes can become dry and irritated and the makeup can leave deposits on your lenses. This will affect your vision and the comfort of your lenses.

Always be sure to wash your hands before you remove eye makeup. The eyes and skin around your eyes are delicate, so be very gentle as you remove your makeup. The packaging of each eye cosmetic will have instructions on the best way to remove it. Some may recommend soap and water, some a cold cream and still others a makeup remover.