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Some vintage sun-glass designs hardly ever go out of style for too long. Most of the designs mentioned here are still seen commonly today, despite having come into fashion decades, or in some cases centuries, ago. Here are a few designer shades that you may consider wearing. Sometimes time does nothing more than add beauty to certain designs.


Every passing day sees a few people sporting Wayfarers. The simplistic design is  great because it goes well with almost any clothes.  Nowadays you get them in many different colors. The available colors help you make a unique statement even though the design is fairly old. The style reached its peak many years ago, and fashion enthusiasts are glad to see it back. Today, Wayfarers are among the most popular  type  of sunglasses sold in the world.


Aviators were originally introduced during the Second World War, where it they were meant to assist Air Force pilots while they were exposed to high levels of sunlight for many hours. Now, they are worn by almost every person who wants to look adventurous. The style was such a craze right from the beginning that it never really went out of style at any point ever since it was first designed.

Oversized dark-glasses

These came into existence when huge brands like Christian Dior and Gucci started to introduce them at their fashion expos. The style quickly caught on among those who love the showy side of sunglasses. They make quite a statement in terms of fashion as well as power. Additionally, they serve quite a utilitarian purpose of protecting the skin around the eyes from the sun.

Many people worry about how sunglasses fail to protect them from skin damage around the eye area. With the introduction of oversized shades, this was no longer a concern. The look gives people a Victorian era style, making them all the more attractive.

Cat eyes

Cat eyes were a trend nearly half a century ago. In between, they were considered a little too tacky and nerdy for most people. However, recently they have become quite a craze. Those who wear cat eye shades are seen as extremely bold, because of their ability to throw off the previous stigma that was attached to the style of the frames. These are also a favorite among the vintage sun-glasses designs still in fashion in Oakville today.

Vintage Sunglasses


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