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Personal preferences such as aesthetics, convenience, lifestyle, budget and comfort are to be considered when deciding on whether you want to wear lenses or glasses. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of eye health, ease of use and vision.

Glasses have several advantages over lenses. The maintenance and cleaning required is significantly lower in comparison with lenses. The fact that you don’t even have to touch your eyes when wearing them reduces the risk of developing eye infections. Moreover, glasses are less expensive than lenses. On the other hand, lenses are not only expensive in comparison, but must also be replaced quite often.


Glasses for making a fashion statement

Glasses can be used to make a fine fashion statement, but lenses also enjoy many benefits over glasses. They sit directly on the eye, ensuring that there is no obstruction in your peripheral vision. Participation in outdoor activities and sports is easier with lenses as you don’t have to worry about them blocking your view or from falling down. Lenses also make it possible to change your eye color and provide a sense of style.

Glasses are better options if you’re fashionable. Not only are they usually cheaper than lenses, but they don’t need to be replaced as often unless broken. Moreover, if there are any changes to your prescription, you can retain the current frames while merely replacing the lenses.

Style and personality can be displayed through frames, and the glasses you choose can make a statement about you. Glasses also provide protection from dust, debris and wind. However, glasses can also hide your facial features and detract from your aesthetics, making lenses a better option.

Contact Lenses

Lenses to stay unaffected by weather conditions

Contacts conform to your eyes’ curvature and offer a wider view, causing fewer distortions in your vision and obstructions in comparison with eyeglasses. Weather conditions do not affect lenses, while glasses can fog up during cold weather. Your cornea can even be reshaped by some lenses while you sleep. Myopia can be temporarily corrected by overnight orthokeratology, making your vision clearer the next day and allowing you to see things without lenses or glasses.

If your prescription is strong, your lenses may have unappealing and thick edges. Even the glasses may make your eyes look considerably magnified if your prescription is really strong. There are frames that sometimes exert pressure on your nose constantly. They also put pressure behind the ears and cause general discomfort and headaches.

At the end of the day, your choice to wear glasses or contacts is more about personal preference than anything else. It is important to remember that if you’re wearing lenses all the time, a pair of glasses must also be kept handy as eye irritation or infection can compel you to stop using lenses for a while.


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Happy Clients

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