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Aspheric Glasses

Aspheric Glasses

The advanced technology of optical design that helped change and improve the camera lenses used by professional photographers has also been put to use to produce prescription glasses. Aspheric glasses are much thinner, lighter and cause almost no distortion. Due to its benefits, many customers are choosing aspheric glasses over conventional ones. Read on to learn what they are and why it has become so popular. 

What are aspheric lenses? 

Aspheric glasses are specifically designed for the correction of aberration. The word aspheric means ‘not spherical’. Traditional prescription lenses have a curved, bulged surface while aspheric glasses have a slimmer, flatter and lighter design.

The lesser curvature gives the lens a more attractive look and also improves the optical quality. The material used to produce aspheric lenses are chosen for their high-index. This is because high-index materials help provide the highest quality while being lightest, flattest and thinnest. The most common material used are optical plastics like PMMA


Almost all prescriptions have slimmer profiles when aspheric lenses are used. But the difference is more evident in lenses used to correct far-sightedness or hypermetropia. Conventionally, lenses tend to be thicker in the center and get thinner towards the edges. The bulge at the center gets more pronounced with stronger prescriptions. With aspheric lenses, these bulges are less dramatic and gives the glasses an attractive look. 

With glasses that correct nearsightedness or myopia, the lenses have an opposite shape. They are concave as compared to the convex shape seen in the correction of farsightedness. These lenses tend to be the thin at the center and thicker as you move towards the edges.


 You see the world in a more natural way as aspheric lenses have a consistent width. 

  • The reduction of the bulge in your lenses provide you with a sleek image. 
  • You won’t have to suffer with magnified lenses anymore as the slimmer lens lets the glasses to be placed closer to your eyes. 
  • The lens is much lighter so the glasses made with them will be more comfortable on your face. You also need not worry about red marks on your nose. 
  • The magnification is uniform throughout the lens. This would give you better image quality which remains the same when you look left, right, up or down. 
  • The lighter and slimmer lens will allow wider options of frames from which you can choose.

 Selection of aspheric lenses

 The selection of the frame is very important when you choose aspheric lenses. The frame must be chosen in a way that the eye is placed just at the center of the lens or it may cause unclear vision. The slim shape also contributes to reflection on the lens. This can be remedied by choosing anti-reflective coating.







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