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The different tints on sunglasses are not just for effect. Different tints block different wavelengths in light. Some enhance color, while others distort them. Some even affect contrast. You should select tints based on your need. Here are the most common tints and how they affect vision.


A green tint allows perception of true color. Contrast improves in bright light. Eyestrain is decreased. This tint was originally created for use by fighter pilots. The clearest vision is attained in this tint.


This is a good option for hazy sun and environments with high glare. Contrast and color perception are enhanced. This is the best tint for all-round use.


Perception of true color is allowed, though contrast is not enhanced. This can be used when running or cycling and is best when driving.


Improves depth perception and contrast in low light. Yellow tint is not recommended when the color perception should be accurate.


Foggy, hazy, and cloudy skies are brightened. Contrast is improved and eyestrain is minimized. This can distort color (images take on a yellow orange tinge) as well.


Depth perception improves in low light. Objects are contrasted against green or blue backgrounds.


Glare is reduced because high intensity light is reduced. Such tints are available in various colors.

Different tints are useful in different sports. Shooters, golfers, and even tennis players can benefit from different tints. Some tints are even useful for computer users. Prescription glasses can also be given tints. To know more about the properties of each tint, you can speak to a trained and experienced optometrist who will guide you in this regard.

Eyeglass Tints and Their Properties


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