Did you know that you have to change your eyeglasses every one to two years. Given below are some instances which will tell you that it is time to replace your old eye glasses.

The lenses on your eyeglasses are distorted and scratched

Even with the most meticulous care, eyeglasses will still become scratched. Some will become foggy or distorted. This may be due to blemishes, natural deformation, or exposure to heat. Such optical flaws will increase distraction and reduce clarity. Some of these deformations will also be visible when others look at your glasses.

Your eyeglasses are not giving you their former clarity

As the eyes age, your diopters may increase and the prescription on the glasses may not be enough anymore. If your lenses are not giving you the clarity that they once gave, then it is time to visit the optometrist and have your vision checked. Blurry vision can lead to headaches, eye strain, and will quickly deteriorate your vision. Also, blurry vision may be clues to other health problems that are not connected with your eyesight.

The frames are outdated. They are making you seem older than your age

If you are wearing oversized and outdated glasses, apart from making you look older they will also be optically flawed. Vintage and retro glasses are all the rage now, but if you are wearing frames from the 90’s, it will seem as though you are stuck in the 90’s. You don’t have to go in for an expensive frame. There are many inexpensive modern frames that will make still you look intelligent and young.

Your old glasses don’t sit comfortably on your nose

Old eyeglasses may not very comfortable on the nose due to their heaviness Many people who used to wear uncomfortable eyeglasses are ditching their old glasses for newer ones that are more lighter and comfortable. Uncomfortable glasses can also lead to headaches and aggravate vision problems.

Excess glare is making it difficult to see at night

No direct discomfort may result from glare but reflecting light can cause you to loose focus at crucial moments, like when you are driving. Streetlights and headlights can distort vision and distract drivers. These days, most glasses come with anti-reflective coatings. Excess glare is a thing of the past with them.

Replacing Old Eye Glasses