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Top Reasons Why a Spare Pair of Prescription Glasses Can be Useful

Having just one pair of prescription glasses is never a good idea. There are reasons why you should have another pair of glasses. Given below are a few of those reasons.

You may loose your glasses

Most people who have worn prescription glasses for a length of time will have misplaced them at least once. Misplacing glasses can be unpleasant, especially when you have a prescription and high diopters. It may take a long time to get new ones made and until then you have no choice but to compromise on your vision.

Just think about the problems you would face when you loose your glasses on a vacation. Having an extra pair of glasses can be a boon to your eyes in such situations.

Accidents can happen

Eyeglasses are very sensitive. Think of what would happen if someone sits on your glasses or puts a heavy load on them, by mistake. At the very least, they will bend beyond correction and break in the worst case scenario. Unexpected incidents such as these can leave you with bad vision unless you have an extra pair of eyeglasses tucked away somewhere.

Keep a backup pair in your car

Some people need eyeglasses for proper vision when they are driving. It makes sense to keep a pair of eyeglasses in your car, for you might have to use them when the situation arises.

When playing sports

Sportsmen know that engaging in sports can potentially damage their fragile eyeglasses. One way to get around this is to invest in prescription sports glasses. In fact, 90% of eye injuries can be prevented if the victim wears protective eyewear.

Having an extra pair of eyeglasses can give you peace of mind when you misplace or break your old eyeglasses. You don’t even have to invest in a very expensive one.


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