Privacy Policy

At Next Optical, we ensure that your personal data is protected at all times. This privacy policy covers details of confidentiality observed at Next Optical. Next Optical reserves the right to change any policy without prior permission. All changes made to the privacy policy will be posted on the website.

How information is collected and used

To register as a user on Next Optical, personal information like name, contact details, e–mail address and location have to be provided. Personal information entered on our website will be used to contact users with information, testimonials or promotions only after seeking permission. This data is also used to track and maintain a profile of all our users.


Cookies are small packets of data stored in the user’s computer that contain information about the user. These cookies are used to track your sessions on Next Optical. Cookies are activated when you login and are cleared as soon as you leave the website. As a user, you also have the option to ‘turn off’ cookies through your web browser.

Data sharing

Your personal data will not be divulged to a third party under any circumstances unless proven to be legally necessary. Your personal data may be shared with other businesses under the parent company. This personal data may also be shared with financial institutions, data processors, credit card printers, collection agencies, card registry services etc.


Your data is 100% secure on Next Optical and will be shared only under specific circumstances like assisting law enforcement investigations or suspected illegal activities. All sensitive data is protected with firewalls and data encryption and is accessible to authorized staff only.