Maui Jim Sunglasses from Next Optical

Maui Jim is an American luxury line of sunglasses that specializes in delivering cutting edge technology in sunglasses, without ever compromising on style. Next Optical has a large collection of Maui Jim sunglasses that are high on not just style but also functionality.

Opt for the Perfect Pair of Maui Jim Eyewear

At Next Optical, there is a huge demand for Maui Jim sunglasses. What makes Maui Jim a great choice in sunglasses is the technology behind these glasses. Every feature included in these sunglasses helps you see better, clearer and crisper. Maui Jim sunglasses are available in several designs to suit your personal style preference.

Glare reduction: Sunglasses are generally designed to reduce glare but Maui Jim takes it one step ahead. The lenses have been infused with colored protective coating to eliminate glare by 99.9% while ensuring 100% UV protection.

Color enhancement: The scratch resistant coating and distortion free lens enhances contrast and offers you crisp and clear views. Maui Jim sunglasses consist of two gradient coatings to ensure maximum protection and optimum color contrast.

Patented PolarizedPlus®2 Lens Technology: Maui Jim sunglasses are made up of nine different layers that make up the PolarizedPlus®2 Lens Technology. This patented technology ensures that the lens is low on maintenance. With the waterproof coating on the lens, the fingerprints and moisture related smudges are easily wiped off.

A Large Choice in Glasses at Our Store

Maui Jim offers a wide variety of lenses to suit different environments, and you will find them all here at Next Optical. Maui Jim sunglasses are available in four types of lenses.

The neutral grey shade is perfect for bright sunny outdoors as it offers rich contrast and color with maximum light reduction. The HCL Bronze and Maui Rose lenses are lightly tinted for warm and overcast conditions. The Maui HT lens is best suited for low light conditions.

The lens tints are also available in different materials. Polycarbonate lenses are durable, lightweight and scratch resistant, and perfect for long hours under the sun. The SuperThin (ST) lens is 20% lighter and thinner than regular lenses and provides optimum comfort. The Maui Evolution is perfect for an active lifestyle as it is an ideal combination of ST and polycarbonate lenses.

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Sunglasses from Maui Jim come in a variety of designs with a wide range of plastic and metal frames to suit your personal style. Next Optical features a large range of Maui Jim sunglasses in stores located at Oakville and Brampton.