Oakley Sunglasses at Next Optical

Oakley sunglasses are known to offer great functionality and style for active people who are always on the go. Next Optical offers a wide range of Oakley sunglasses that are suitable for sports and active lifestyles. Oakley also boasts of a collection of limited edition sunglasses.

Oakley Glasses – Preferred Choice of Many Next Optical Customers

Next Optical has become the go-to place for Oakley fans. This Canadian sports equipment brand offers some of the best sunglasses, ski goggles and prescription glasses. Oakley is a well-known name in the eyewear industry, and it has been featured in scores of blockbuster movies in the recent years.

Oakley has over 575 patents for eye care solutions and performance gear, and this expertise reflects in its product quality.

Next Optical has an extensive collection of stylish Oakley sunglasses for men and women. In addition to special and limited edition sunglasses, Oakley also allows you to experiment with customised sunglasses to match your personal style. Providing a wide range of frames and cuts in plastic and metal frames, Oakley has something for everyone.

Why Buy Sunglasses from Next Optical?

Next Optical represent the best in eye care products by offering eyewear from top brands like Oakley. Oakley adopts a unique three-point fit in their design that ensures maximum comfort. Sports sunglasses and active sunglasses from Oakley are available in a wide range of designs and lens styles at Next Optical.

HD Polarized: Oakley uses a specially formulated liquid infusion technique in the lens to allow the filer to deliver maximum performance. This technique creates strong bonds at a molecular level, ensuring superior clarity.

Hydrophobic lens coating: This feature of Oakley sunglasses prevents sweat and water from accumulating and spoiling the lens. The permanent lens coating also fends off skin oils and prevents it from smudging.

Photochromic coating: This coating ensures that the lens is keeping up with changes in light intensity. As light conditions are constantly changing, your Oakley sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are always protected and deliver 100% protection from UV rays.

Buy a Pair of Sun glasses at Next Optical Today!

If you are looking for shades that are not only stylish but also durable and strong, Oakley sunglasses are the ideal choice. Next Optical stores an excellent collection of sturdy sunglasses for active people. Visit our store in Oakville or Brampton to buy a stylish pair of Oakley sunglasses today!